There are many places on the internet that you can find information on D-STAR. Some of the sites that we found useful are listed below.

DV Repeater Resources

ircddb & FREE STAR* Information:


The software package used by MARS for the VA5DR gateway computer.


An alternative to the above. These gateways are currently on hold for authorization to the USTRUST servers.

ircddb Last Heard

The last heard list for the ircddb network. You MUST have authorized your call sign to appear on the list using the "VIS ON/OFF" functions. This is explained more in the MARS Repeater User Guide.

Gateways Reporting to ircddb

A list of all D-STAR gateways that are using ircddb. These are either FREE STAR*, StarGate or branded Icom Gateways with the appropriate add-on installed.

Canadian Gateways Reporting to ircddb

A list of Canadian gateways reporting to ircddb.

D-STAR Users Last Heard Lists & Repeater Directories

The 'official' D-STAR last heard list and repeater/gateway guide.

DV Adapter Boards & Software:

ThumbDV & AMBE3000 Board

    Makers of the ThumbDV USB dongle and AMBE 3000 board for the Raspberry Pi.  Both     convert analog voice to digital.


    This digital voice modem is highly popular and we have many of them in use in     the province and on the FREE STAR* system.  The code is open source and strong     developer support is available.


This is the new Star Board adapter that has proven itself worthy of mention.

Satoshi Yasuda GMSK Node Adapters


An alternative to the NQSMHS and other software.


Operating Hardware

DV Dongle

Get on the air with a computer & headset. Not traditional RF but similar to Echolink setups using only a computer.

DVAP Access Point

Siminlar to the DV Dongle, but has a built in transceiver that allows any computer to be turned into a D-STAR access point. This application requires a compatible D-STAR radio to be used in conjunction with it.

DSTAR DV Adapter 2.0

These come in kits or fully assembled and tested modules that convert any FM analog radio that is 9600 baud compatible to a DV capable radio. One of our members has one of these and it works very well. They are becoming more common as the manufacturer is able to ship them out.

uSmartDigi APRS Digipeater and D-STAR D-Gate

Icom Canada

A various range of products from HT's, mobile UHF/VHF and the new IC-9100 HF D-STAR compatible radio.




A terminal program for D-STAR radios. This will require a compatible cable and a PC. This program works well and we have successfuly sent messages and photographs over the air.


Another terminal program


Another terminal program.


As the name says, D-STAR TV.


Blogs & Other Reference

N5EBW Blog

G4UXE Blog


D-STAR Wikipedia